Staff-Student Liaison Committee(SSLC)

In line with its beliefs in keeping all forms of communication between all its stakeholders open, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has recently established its Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC). The SSLC is intended to be a forum for formal discussion between Students, Staff and Faculty members on Departmental issues and raises its views and recommendations to the Department at regular intervals.

Essentially, the goals of the SSLC are to:
  • - Ensure proper communication and collaboration between all Department members.
  • - Highlight problems that might occur in a timely manner and raise them to the Department.
  • - Discuss and propose new ideas and improvements.
  • - Answer any of the students’ concerns existing within the Department
In short, the SSLC sets an example to follow in teamwork and communication and to ensure that the department continues to thrive and grow, as a single big family.

The committee was initiated in the spring semester of the academic year 2016-2017. It is headed by the Chairperson of the Department and, ideally, is formed by two representatives of the Department Faculty, a representative of the staff, four student representatives of the BS programs, three representatives of the MS programs and one representative in the BE program.