Welcome to Morphe!

Morphe is a virtual museum designed, developed, and curated by the Digital Humanities Center, DHC and ALBA main Campus at the University of Balamand, UOB. The museum intends to expose online the Lebanese art and culture making them accessible to a universal audience.

The collections will include tangible (paintings, sculptures, coins, manuscripts, monuments, archaeological sites, etc) and Intangible (oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, etc) assets available at the UOB or obtained from different cultural partners and organizations in Lebanon and abroad.

Morphe accommodates digital presentations of the various collections where visitors can virtually walk through and enjoy the different exhibits via an immersive experience.

The concept behind the architecture of Morphe is to make it coherent with the surrounding of the UOB campus. It is purposed to be dynamic rather than static whose volume changes according to its changing location around the campus. It makes symbiosis with the surrounding environment via transparency and reflection. Morphe is a Greek word meaning “form” and this naming of the museum was inspired by that changing volume of the virtual space.

We hope that you enjoy your virtual visits!