Measures and guidance from the Nursing Program (NP) concerning COVID-19

The Nursing Program main objective is to prepare BSN graduates with competence in professional nursing practice at the level of cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills. Experiential learning is a main component of the nursing curriculum and education.

The clinical training is at the core of the BSN program. It assures accountability and the maintenance of high professional standards within the program. Therefore, nursing students’ exposure to clinical environment is mandatory and essential to the teaching-learning process to enhance students’ intellectual and professional growth and to challenge them to excel in nursing and health management practices.

In light of the current situation, the NP held several meetings to discuss alternative ways of remote teaching and the clinical placement and training of students. Possible scenarios on how to reduce the impact on our students and faculty at the three campuses without jeopardizing their safety were discussed.

As a Program, we need to ensure proper clinical training opportunities for students that provide ethical, safe, and effective patient-centered care.

In view of the updates and concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the NP suspended the clinical training till further notice. Meanwhile, we will proceed with the theory part (remotely). The courses will be covered through a variety of online tools (i.e. Webex, skype, voice over PowerPoint, forum discussion on Moodle, Lippincott advisor and procedures, and Lippincott professional development…).

The Nursing Program is committed to helping students become successful health care professionals. However, ensuring a safe learning environment with the hospitals during clinical rotations is of utmost priority.

It is our shared responsibility as nurses/health care professionals to keep abreast with the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. We count on you as students as well to play an active role in learning. Our joint efforts, stamina and positive attitude are highly needed to overcome this global pandemic.