1. Faculty of Medicine Admission Criteria
  2. Post Graduate Medical Education Admission
  3. Admission to the MS Program in Biomedical Sciences

Faculty of Medicine Admission Criteria

Candidates are selected upon review of their academic record and evaluation of their personal attributes via an interview by an Admission Committee appointed and chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

Academic Record
  • o A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution with completion of premedical requirements as follows:
    • - Biology courses with a laboratory component. 8 credits - minimum of 2 courses
    • - Chemistry (General, Organic, Inorganic) with laboratory components. 12 credits - minimum of 3 courses
    • - Physics/Basic Electronics with laboratory components. 6 credits - minimum of 2 courses
    • - Cultural Studies. At least 6 credits
  • o The official academic transcript
  • o The MCAT scores
  • o English Language Competency
  • o Three letters of reference
  • o Personal statement
The Faculty is ready to offer, in cooperation with the Faculty of Sciences, an intensive remedial program oriented towards preparing students from different majors.

Personal Attributes
  • o Interpersonal and communication skills
  • o Extracurricular interests and extent of involvement in community-based activities
  • o Achievements in research projects
  • o Interest in medically-related topics

Post Graduate Medical Education Admission

Applicants are requested to submit to the Dean’s Office, at Saint George Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education or the Office of Admission and Registration at the University of Balamand, the following documents:
  1. A certified copy of the Medical Diploma and transcript of records
  2. A copy of the Medical School Training Program and its description (for foreign medical school graduates)
  3. Three letters of recommendation from three different faculty members who have worked with the applicant during the Internship year(s)
  4. A certified copy of the Baccalaureate II degree or its equivalent
  5. Three recent passport-size photographs
  6. A photocopy of the Identity Card or Passport
  7. A Personal Statement
Upon the receipt of the requested documents, the Dean’s Office informs applicants about the date and venue of the Qualifying Graduate Examination.

Submitted applications are valid only for the academic year and the residency program for which they are being made.

All applicants have to take the Qualifying Graduate Examination and those who successfully pass the written examination are interviewed by a special committee within the clinical department concerned. The exam covers Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery, and other subjects relevant to provision of medical care under supervision. Some test questions describe basic clinical situations and require an understanding of the underlying mechanisms of the disease and its diagnosis. Questions commonly require examinees to apply basic science knowledge to clinical problems as well. Applicants are informed about the Committee’s decision on the date announced by the Dean’s Office.

Admission to the MS Program in Biomedical Sciences

Candidates are selected upon review of their academic record in fulfillment of the University and Faculty regulations of postgraduate studies. Candidates should:
  • o Hold a Bachelor Degree in Biology or related sciences
  • o Pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). A minimum of 600 on the paper-based TOEFL or 100 on the internet-based TOEFL is the requirement for admission.