UOB GIS Success Story Featured on Esri US Website

UOB GIS Success Story Featured on Esri US Website

Over the past two years, Geographic Information Systems(GIS) technology has proven to be an integral part of innovative solutions aimed to address the COVID-19 pandemic spread on the national level in Lebanon and worldwide. The GIS Center at the Faculty of Engineering (FOE) at the University of Balamand (UOB) has taken a pioneering role in developing various novel applications using GIS technology working with international partners, local authorities, and UOB medical experts to design, develop, implement, and analyze solutions on a mass scale in the fight against COVID.

In yet another academic and professional recognition for these efforts, the UOB experience in the fight against COVID-19 has been featured prominently on the ESRI American main website as a key user story. The article goes into details of the design and development of projects like SALAMATI and HAYATI which have constituted the cornerstones of UOB’s response to the COVID pandemic. The article also highlights the role that UOB played as an academic higher education institution in working with international partners and local authorities to benefit from the unique GIS expertise and solutions at UOB and the great impact that this has had in the community.

ESRI is a global market leader in the field of GIS. With 49 offices worldwide and employees from 73 countries, ESRI is a global company. Locally-owned software companies across the world have decades of regional experience and deep expertise in local issues. 11 dedicated research centers are at the leading edge of global innovation. In Lebanon, ESRI Lebanon is a key partner and source of support for the GIS Center at UOB.

Vice President for Internationalization and Engagement and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Rami Abboud who was quoted in the article saw this as “yet another academic accolade for the GIS Center at UOB”. He commended the efforts of the Center Director, Dr. Amal Iaaly, and the medical team led by Dr. Youssef Bassim. Prof. Abboud added: “GIS proved to be a game-changer in public policy during the pandemic and this is why I’m proud of the pioneering role that the GIS Center at FOE at UOB has occupied in creating GIS solutions for Lebanon and the region”.

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