President Warrak meets with UOB alumni in Dubai

President Warrak meets with UOB alumni in Dubai

The President of the University of Balamand, Dr. Elias Warrak, met with UOB alumni members in Dubai in a move to boost growing alumni relations. The meeting which was held at the Royal Mirage Dubai is the second of a series of meetings that will be held with Alumni within the region.

Welcoming the guests, President Warrak highlighted the latest achievements and initiatives undertaken by UOB; shedding light on the significant contributions the University has made in supporting local communities in Lebanon in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

President Warrak emphasized the significant role that UOB Alumni play in the advancement and development of UOB through supporting and providing contributions voluntarily to their alma mater, urging all members to connect via the Balamand Alumni Network to create closer ties between the University and its alumni.

Dr. Salim Kanaan, Vice President for Enrolment Management and Alumni Relations, said: “Our alumni have lived the UOB experience to the full, this has helped them become unique and distinctive graduates, hence there is potential for every alumnus to support their alma mater in various ways and different scales. Being here today and hearing the diverse perspectives and insights will only help strengthen the bond between the University and its alumni.”

Ms. Houda Koussa, UOB Alumni 1992, said: “meeting with Dr. Warrak in such a setting provided us with the opportunity to hear from him directly about the University we all cherish. Not only that but also reinforced that our relationship with our University does not end at graduation and that as alumni we are an integral part of its continued growth.”

Ending the meeting, Dr. Warrak shared some inspiring words about Lebanon and the hope for better days ahead: “He who can survive Lebanon under the current circumstances should stay, and those who must leave should find a way to assist; after all Lebanon is for its people.” He also stressed on the importance of education in such times “Education is the remedy and our road to a better future and as UOB it is our obligation to continue to provide the Lebanese youth with the best educational standards and opportunities.” ​