Tarek Kosaifi received DAISY Award

Tarek Kosaifi received DAISY Award

The University of Balamand would like to congratulate Tarek Kosaifi, a graduate of the Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Program, for receiving The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses.

The DAISY Award aims at honouring nurses and providing patients, families, and co-workers with an easy way to express their gratitude for nurses who provide extraordinary compassionate care.

Based on his encounter with various patients and their families, Tarek was described as compassionate, patient, kind, dedicated, reliable, hard-working, and honest.

Commenting on the award, Tarek stated: “After graduating from the Nursing Program at the Faculty of Health Sciences-University of Balamand, l was prepared to start my nursing career as a wound care nurse at SGHUMC, which l did successfully for 8 years. Due to the escalating economic crisis, I decided to leave the country. Upon arriving in the USA, 7 months ago, l started working on advancing my career path and decided to pursue a higher degree to become a nurse practitioner. After a few months of hard work, l am grateful to be granted the DAISY AWARD. People wait years for this, I owe that to all who helped me throughout my career and to the phenomenal team that l work with, Thank you.”