IAFF Awards 2022 held at the University of Balamand

IAFF Awards 2022 held at the University of Balamand

In the presence of Dr. Elias Warrak, President of the University of Balamand (UOB), The Inas Academic Awards Foundation (IAFF) launched the 2022 Awards at the university’s main campus in Koura. The ceremony was attended by the founder of the IAFF, Inas Al Jarmakani; renowned media personality, Rabia Al Zayyat; vice presidents, deans, professors and UOB students.

The Inas Academic Awards Foundation seeks to empower Lebanese youth by offering them access to prospects and opportunities that motivate, encourage, and enable them to pursue their creative ideas and projects.

The process involves students submitting five projects, of which 1 winning project is selected. The awarded project will receive financial support and funding from the association, amounting to 100,000,000 LBP.

Directing her comment to the students, Jarmakani stated: “Do not lose hope, continue to dream and achieve your goals.” She further pointed out: “A dream is an idea that we can embody if we believe in our abilities.”

In turn, Rabiaa Al Zayat stressed on the importance of being bold and taking courageous decisions to move forward: “Do not worry about the things that frustrate you, believe in your abilities and achieve your dreams. Afterall your dreams are your wealth.”

In closing, Dr. Warrak shed light on the importance of staying in Lebanon in light of the difficult circumstances the country is facing: “The Lebanese youth are a key component in rebuilding Lebanon, they are the driving force that will enable Lebanon to rise from this crisis. He concluded by stating: “Hold on to our country, to built it anew.”

Under the slogan “Dare to Dream” the Inas Academic Awards Foundation motivates students and drives them to believe in their abilities to contribute to the production of prosperous future businesses.

UOB students interested in applying for the award should e-mail: iaaf-awards@balamand.edu.lb ​​