Erasmus+ Exchange: Visit to University of Poitiers

Erasmus+ Exchange: Visit to University of Poitiers

Within the scope of the ERASMUS+ exchange program, Mrs. Mantoura Nakad, Office Manager at the Office of the VP of Internationalization and Engagement at the University of Balamand, was received by the reciprocating office at the University of Poitiers (UoP) for 5 days in March 2022.

The essence of this mobility was to intergrade the efforts of the UOB and the UoP in Internationalization and Engagement as well as to foster new relationships with academic and non-academic partners within UoP. This visit was as essential to support UOB’s internationalization efforts paving the way for a broad range of new collaboration efforts and agreements with UoP and other European partners.

Mrs. Nakad expressed her joy by being supported and entrusted by the Vice President of Internationalization and Engagement and she stated that “The mobility was a fruitful, enriching and one of a kind experience. I was very thrilled to learn of the University of Poitiers internationalization teams’ interest in visiting Lebanon and specifically the University of Balamand. Thus, further strengthening the ties between our both institutions and their ongoing support for UOB”.

In return, the Vice President of internationalization and engagement Professor Rami Abboud stressed that the ERASMUS+ programme remains a key pillar in UOB’s internationalization efforts. “I am very proud of the entire team at the Office of the VP for Internationalization for the outstanding efforts they put forward to help take Balamand to the World and bring the World to Balamand”. In this respect, he commended Mrs. Nakad’s efforts, hard work, commitment and dedication to UOB that have paved the way for reviving the relationship with UoP as can be seen from UoP link. ​