JUNE 22, 2022

UOB’s Virtual Museum “Morphe”: A Step Towards Evolution and Change

UOB’s Virtual Museum “Morphe”: A Step Towards Evolution and Change

Balamand, 22 June 2022: The Digital Humanities Center (DHC) at the University of Balamand (UOB) launched its virtual museum under the name “Morphe” devoted entirely to showcasing Lebanese works of art and culture virtually, thus making them accessible to a wide universal audience.

“Morphe” is a Greek word meaning “form”, as the name was inspired by the changing volume of the virtual space. The project was developed by a multi-disciplinary team from DHC and the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA), main campus. It was digitally implemented through 3D modeling, Virtual Reality, photography, and digitization.

The first collection is titled “Alwan”, an exhibition displaying 30 paintings from the University of Balamand's collection, which were exhibited at and gifted to the University by various renowned Lebanese artists.

Future collections will include tangible items such as paintings, sculptures, coins, manuscripts, monuments, archaeological sites, etc., and intangible: oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, rituals, festive events, etc. these assets were either available at UOB or obtained from partners and organizations in Lebanon and abroad.

Dr. Elie Dannawi, Director of the Digital Humanities Center at the University of Balamand, explained: “DHC tried to bring the human interaction in the virtual environment through the “Morphe” project. The architecture of the virtual space reflects the transformation in the term “Morphe” as it changes its shape and position in UOB in every exhibition. It follows a virtual space that coexists with its surroundings on-campus that becomes in total symbiosis via transparency and reflection”.

It is worth noting, that DHC has signed an agreement with Google Arts and Culture (GAC) that will make “Morphe” available on its platform, which reflects GAC’s vision of making the world’s cultural heritage accessible online.

The Morphe Museum can be accessed via the University of Balamand
website: ​​