NOVEMBER 8, 2022

AVCDC on a Mission with UNIFIL

AVCDC on a Mission with UNIFIL

The Agricultural Value Chain Development Center and the Department of Agriculture at the Issam M. Fares Faculty of Technology embarked on a 4-day mission with UNIFIL under two parallel programs: ALMAZARA and ROCINANTE.

ALMAZARA aims at providing training and support to olive value chain stakeholders, while ROCINANTE supports dairy producers. The programs were supervised by experts from universities in Saragoza, Extremadura, Cordoba and Murcia, in addition to a team from the university of Balamand that consisted of Dr. Rodrigue El Balaa (PhD. Agr. Eng.), Simon Wehbeh (DVM), Nicole Tannous (Agr. Eng.) And Toufic Mourad (Ass. Vet.).

The first day of the collaboration between UNIFIL's CIMIC and AVCDC's service center and the department of agriculture focused on regions Kafarhamam and Wazzani. On the second day, experts visited olive oil mills in Kawkaba, where they exchanged expertise and celebrated the successful conclusion of the ALMAZARA program. Afterwards, the UOB team was off to Deir Mimass to provide services to small ruminant farms in cooperation with the ROCINANTE veterinary team.

After celebrating the national day of Spain at the UNP 7-2 military base on the 12th of October, the UOB team and the ROCINANTE program experts headed to Al Khyiam, where they continued to provide services with the support of the Lebanese Army and the local municipality.