UOB Medical Student Christie Dib, Ambassador of NeuroPedia in Lebanon

UOB Medical Student Christie Dib, Ambassador of NeuroPedia in Lebanon

Christie Dib, a 5th year medical student at the University of Balamand, is chosen to be the first national officer and ambassador of NeuroPedia among the medical schools in Lebanon.

NeuroPedia is an online global website for medical students that offers the latest Neuro related reviewed articles written by medical students and published on NeuroPedia’s website and platforms.

Christie’s interest in participating in various medical activities, and her aim to build strong connections to showcase her work and medical experience through social media, led her to be the initiator of NeuroPedia’s research committee in Lebanon.

Commenting on her success story, Christie claimed: “I personally believe that knowledge is a great motivator for us to keep moving forward. I am a big advocate for research, therefore I wanted to give myself and other fellow medical students the opportunity to participate in practice-writing research that is offered by NeuroPedia.” Christie added: “This opportunity will also help me to shape my character and develop my leadership and teamwork skills”.

Christie also shed light on the importance of research expertise in the medical field. She added: “The medical field is getting more and more competitive when it comes to getting residencies whether in Lebanon or abroad. Therefore, NeuroPedia can provide medical students a great opportunity to practice research which will certainly offer them high chances to expend their medical expertise.” ​