APRIL 19, 2023

Green Tripoli Starts a Green Trip - GREENTRIP

Green Tripoli Starts a Green Trip - GREENTRIP

The continuing collaboration between GIZ (UDP_NL programme), University of Balamand (- Agricultural Value Chain Development Center – AVCDC and the Municipality of Tripoli in the framework of the UDP_NL project has resulted so far in the finalization of Tripoli’s Green strategy till 2030. The three institutions are establishing the city’s new nursery which will be an important accomplishment for the people of Tripoli.  

UOB and GIZ recently signed an agreement to launch the Green Tripoli (GREENTRIP) project, which aims to rehabilitate and increase the green cover of the city.

Moreover, this project will reach 125 workers from Tripoli and surrounding who will be implementing different Cash for Work activities. GREENTRIP will add more color to the beautiful city of Tripoli and make it more appealing for its residents and visitors. 

The first phase of the project started with a Train the Trainers to AVCDC Field Officers at the University of Balamand campus in March followed by a three-day training for the selected workers at Nawfal Castle – Tripoli. The AVCDC team trained 80 workers on work ethics and safety, project implementation norms and technical good agricultural practices. This cycle will be responsible of planting around 500 trees on 4,150 m2 and 5 linear kilometers. 

GREENTRIP project is part of the Local Development Programme for Urban Areas in North Lebanon (UDP_NL), implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in partnership with the University of Balamand and the Ministry of Social Affairs. UDP_NL is co-funded by the European Union and Germany.