MAY 22, 2023

Ambassador of Jordan Shares Insights at UOB

Ambassador of Jordan Shares Insights at UOB

In response to an invitation from the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Hanna Al Nakkat, His Excellency the Ambassador of Jordan, Mr. Walid Al Hadid, visited the University of Balamand, where he was received by the University President, Dr. Elias Warrak, in the presence of the dean and department heads of the Faculty of Arts.

During the meeting, the Ambassador commended the University of Balamand for its academic and architectural achievements and underscored the importance of maintaining a high level of education to elevate the university's standing.

In turn, President Warrak stressed the need to explore avenues of academic and cultural cooperation between the University of Balamand and Jordanian universities. After the meeting concluded, both parties expressed enthusiasm and optimism regarding future collaborations as they exchange commemorative gifts.

The Ambassador's next destination was the "Jacobo" auditorium, where he was scheduled to deliver a lecture titled "Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities, Lessons and Insights" to the students of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the university. The session began with a welcome speech by Dr. Doreen Nasr, who remarked, "It is truly remarkable when certain moments are encapsulated in words, and those words become indelible markers in history. This day has brought two nations, Jordan and Lebanon, closer together, nations that have left their mark on civilization." She also delved into the Ambassador's biography, highlighting the importance of culture in shaping an individual's life.

Dr. Hanna El Nakat then delivered a spontaneous speech, expressing his great pleasure that the Ambassador accepted his invitation to visit the university and presented him with a book detailing the captivating history of Our Lady of Balamand Patriarchal Monastery. Dr. El Nakat further explained the paramount importance of the Ambassador's presence in advancing the programs tailored for political science students, as it serves as a motivating force for progress in this field.

Additionally, Dr. Noura Assaf discussed the Department of Political Science at UOB, providing insights into the various programs offered and the subjects that captivate the students' interest. She emphasized the eagerness of the students to benefit from the Ambassador's diplomatic experience and highlighted the role of culture in shaping their professional lives.

During his lecture, the Ambassador tackled numerous pressing topics that have gained prominence in the field of diplomacy, including climate change, terrorism, cyber security, and food security. He also emphasized the necessity for diplomats to keep up with evolving challenges, enabling them to better represent and defend their country's interests.

The Ambassador further underscored the importance of harnessing the "power of ideas" as a resource for generating innovative solutions to intricate crises. He stressed the imperative for diplomats to closely monitor global events, while fostering analytical thinking and attentive listening skills.

Drawing from his extensive diplomatic experience in various countries across the world, he generously shared the valuable lessons learned from these encounters.

Lastly, the Ambassador concluded the lecture by drawing attention to the close relationship between Jordan and Lebanon and the shared challenges faced by both countries. He placed special emphasis on the importance of benefiting from mutual experiences and sharing knowledge between them.