JUNE 1, 2023

UOB Celebrates Student Achievements at Annual Awards Ceremony

UOB Celebrates Student Achievements at Annual Awards Ceremony

The Office of Student Affairs at the University of Balamand (UOB) proudly organized the annual awards ceremony on May 16, 2023, at the Koura campus. The highly anticipated event aimed to honour the remarkable achievements of student clubs, societies and individual students, and recognize their invaluable contributions to campus life throughout the academic year. The event was attended by President Elias Warrak, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, Faculty Members, and over 280 students.

The awards ceremony showcased UOB’s commitment to fostering a vibrant campus environment as an integral part of the student experience. Students from all UOB campuses were acknowledged for their exceptional dedication, creativity, and leadership skills in organizing a diverse range of activities and events that enriched the campus experience for their fellow students. This year, a remarkable total of 40 awards were presented to deserving students, a significant increase from the previous year's distribution of 25 awards.

Throughout the academic year 2022-2023, UOB witnessed an impressive display of student initiatives, with more than 15 newly initiated clubs, and 150 events and activities across campuses. From captivating, entertaining activities, to thought-provoking academic conferences, the students showcased their passion and commitment to creating a dynamic and engaging environment for learning and personal growth.

In his opening address, President Warrak stated: "At the University of Balamand, we believe in providing our students with holistic educational experiences that not only nurture their intellectual growth but also foster their creativity and leadership potential. This awards ceremony is a testament to the remarkable achievements of our students and their dedication to making campus life an enriching journey for all."