AUGUST 14, 2023

Conference at the University of Balamand - Souk El Gharb on Challenges and Financing Methods of Renewable Energy

Conference at the University of Balamand - Souk El Gharb on Challenges and Financing Methods of Renewable Energy

In partnership with Yellow Eco Energy, the University of Balamand, organized a scientific conference centered around ‘Renewable Energy and its Role in Solving the Energy Crisis in Lebanon’ on August 8, 2023, at the university campus in Souk El Gharb. The event was held under the patronage and presence of the Minister of Energy and Water, H.E. Dr. Walid Fayad.

The conference saw a notable array of attendees, including Dr. Elias Warrak, President of the University of Balamand, His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Sami Abu Al Muna, represented by Mr. Mario Fayad, General Director of the Religious Council, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, H.E. Dr. Abbas Halabi, represented by Dr. Nader Hadifa, regional deputies along with their representatives, Mr. George Maaraoui, Director General of the Ministry of Finance, General Abbas Ibrahim, Dr. Sanaa Binji, Director of Public Relations at Yellow Eco Energy, Dr. Ghazi Shaar, President of the Upper Keserwan and Shahrar Union of Municipalities, Mr. Wajdi Murad, Mayor of Aley, and a large number of village mayors from the region. Additionally, the conference was attended by deputy presidents, deans, and directors from the University of Balamand. Numerous specialists from various commercial, industrial, health, agricultural, and tourism sectors, as well as civil society associations and private companies, participated in the conference.

The conference addressed major challenges facing renewable energy and aimed to facilitate the exchange of opinions and discussions among experts and representatives from both public and private sectors. It also sought to engage with donor organizations to find suitable solutions and funding methods. The conference discussed the latest developments in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Dr. Binji emphasized the role of educational institutions and universities in providing material, raising awareness, creating platforms, and facilitating scientific and educational research to develop alternative energy technologies and applications, in collaboration with private companies, with the aim of preserving the environmental sector.

Dr. Warrak stressed the importance of renewable energy, stating: “In times of alternatives, it's clear that renewable energy stands out as the most prominent answer to our global challenges, specifically in a country like Lebanon. It all comes from the natural gifts we've been blessed with – the sun, wind, and water. Embracing renewable energy doesn't just address problems, it also opens up solutions for different parts of our economy, helps us recover, invests in a better future, ensures long-term sustainability, and even generates job opportunities for a better quality of life.

H.E. Dr. Fayad addressed the audience, outlining the Ministry of Energy and Water's plans for renewable energy. He expressed: "I am delighted to be here today to highlight the crucial role that renewable energy plays in Lebanon. This gathering provides an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the Lebanese people regarding our persistent efforts to revitalize the energy sector, making it a productive force capable of ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply. Moreover, I am pleased to announce the Ministry of Energy and Water's complete readiness to collaborate with everyone to advance the implementation of a substantial number of renewable energy projects throughout Lebanon.”

Dr. Habbouba Aoun, Director of the University of Balamand - Souk El Gharb campus, accentuated the value of renewable energy in the educational sector, emphasizing the essential role of Lebanese youth in providing solutions and working to confront the challenges facing the energy sectors to lift Lebanon out of its crises.

Mr. Maaraoui pointed out the impact of the electricity sector in Lebanon on the financial and economic situation, as well as on the lives of citizens, hindering economic growth. He also shared challenges and priorities that the Ministry of Finance seeks to address, along with proposed recommendations inspired by countries that have overcome similar crises.

The conference concluded by offering several recommendations and solutions, with the goal of facilitating a transition towards renewable energy sources, effectively addressing the energy crisis in Lebanon.