Alba Student Mohammad Shmaisani secures the second place in the Chadirji Prize

Alba Student Mohammad Shmaisani secures the second place in the Chadirji Prize

The University of Balamand is extremely proud of the accomplishments of Mohammad Shmaisani, a talented student from the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts (ALBA), who achieved an outstanding second-place position in "The Rifaat Chadirji Prize for Architecture," an annual competition dedicated to fostering architectural innovation in Iraq.

The competition serves as a platform for the generation of innovative design concepts that address Iraq's most pressing social challenges. This year, the competition brought together students from various Lebanese universities, each demonstrating a deep commitment to the competition's central theme: Architecture as a tool for serving both society and individuals.

Nadia Habach, a member of the jury panel, stated that Shmaisani's project superbly captured the core spirit of the Chadirji Award, centered on the theme of the Palestinian Culture. Shmaisani's standout feature was his fusion of traditional Palestinian cultural elements with modern architectural principles. This innovative combination breathed new life into the Sabra camp and Tarik Jdide areas. Furthermore, the committee highlighted that this socio-cultural endeavor beautifully embodied the essence of the Lebanese-Palestinian tradition, creating a great balance between tradition and modernity.

Mr. Fadllalhah Dagher, Dean of the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts, expressed his pride in Mohammad Shmaisani's achievement, stating, "We are immensely proud of Mohammad's exceptional talent and dedication. His success in the Chadirji Prize not only reflects his personal excellence but also underscores the caliber of students and the quality of education at ALBA. This accomplishment reinforces our commitment to nurturing innovative thinkers who can make a positive impact on society through architecture."

Shmaisani's achievement is a testament to the University of Balamand's commitment to promoting excellence in education and fostering creative talent among its students. ​