NOVEMBER 1, 2023

The Civil Engineering Department Celebrates Second-Place Victory in the ACI Students Competition 2023

The Civil Engineering Department Celebrates Second-Place Victory in the ACI Students Competition 2023

The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Balamand proudly announces the outstanding achievement of Rita Abdallah and Georgina Abdallah, students from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering who have secured the second-place position in the prestigious ACI Students Competition 2023, a highly acclaimed event dedicated to fostering innovation in Civil Engineering within Lebanon.

The annual ACTS (Advanced Construction Technology Services) competition "Fiber Reinforced Concrete Bowling Ball Competition" was held on September 21st 2023 in the Movempick Hotel, Beirut. The competition witnessed the participation of 11 teams from six prominent universities in Lebanon, including the University of Balamand, the American University of Beirut, the Beirut Arab University, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, the Lebanese University, and Al Maaref University. The competition provided a vibrant platform for these talented teams to showcase their innovative civil design concepts, fostering spirited competition and collaboration.

The students were supervised by both Dr. Abdulkader El-Mir, Assistant Professor and Principal Supervisor, and Dr. Nariman Khalil Associate Professor and co-supervisor, at the Civil Engineering Department. They extended their heartfelt congratulations to both Rita and Georgina for their remarkable accomplishment. Their dedication and determination were recognized as key factors in securing the second-place position in this challenging competition.

Vice President for Internationalization and Engagement and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Rami Abboud expressed his congratulations to the winning team composed of the dynamic duo of Rita and Georgina. Additionally, commendation was given to students Antonios Moukary and Paul Haddad for their worthy participation in the competition. Professor Abboud stated: “The Faculty of Engineering takes pride in the success of its students and remains committed to nurturing a culture of team work, innovation and research excellence within the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The ACI Students Competition 2023 has not only showcased the talent within the faculty, but has also reinforced its standing as a hub for academic and engineering expertise”.