NOVEMBER 20, 2023

New insights into the osteogenic effect of martial arts

New insights into the osteogenic effect of martial arts

Nour Khalil has successfully completed his PhD in Sports Science, exploring the impact of a 1-year recreational Kung Fu program on the bone health of inactive young men. Dr. Rawad El Hage, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Professor at the University of Balamand, and Dr. Antonio Pinti from Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France supervised the dissertation.

Nour's research led to the publication of two articles in international journals. Professor El Hage expressed pride in the results, emphasizing the positive effects of the Kung Fu program on bone health, body composition, physical performance, quality of life, and blood lipid profile in inactive young men.

In summary, the study reveals that practicing recreational Kung Fu for a year effectively enhances overall bone mineral content, forearm bone mineral density, and physical performance in inactive young men. Additionally, this martial arts intervention proves beneficial for improving quality of life and metabolic syndrome parameters. The study's findings have gained recognition on a clinical news website: