NOVEMBER 24, 2023

UOB joins LRI for Independence Day Open Planting Day in Akkar

UOB joins LRI for Independence Day Open Planting Day in Akkar

​The University of Balamand (UOB) participated in The Lebanese Reforestation Initiative (LRI)'s event commemorating Independence Day. LRI organized an open planting day in Akkar, collaborating closely with local school students and engaging over 400 volunteers from UOB, local schools, the Lebanese Army, and nearby communities. This initiative was attended by H.E. Dr. Abbas El Haj Hassan, Minister of Agriculture of Lebanon, parliamentary deputies, LRI Director Dr. Maya Nehme, Dean of the Issam Fares Faculty of Technology (IFFT) Dr. Elie Karam, Director of Ecole Nationale Orthodoxe (ENO) in Akkar Mr. Nidal Tohme, and Director of the Agricultural Value Chain Development Center (AVCDC) Dr. Rodrigue Balaa.

A key highlight was the involvement of students from IFFT's agriculture department. Trained by LRI, these students played an essential role in assisting school students in the afforestation process. Together, they contributed to the planting of 5000 trees in Akkar. This collaborative endeavor not only serves as a contribution to environmental conservation but also fosters a sense of shared responsibility and environmental awareness among the students involved.​