JANUARY 19, 2024

A Site Visit to Leo Burnett

A Site Visit to Leo Burnett

The Career Services Center at the University of Balamand, in collaboration with the Faculty of Business and Management, organized a site visit for students to the premises of Leo Burnett Beirut, on Wednesday, January 10, 2023. Leo Burnett Worldwide is a global advertising agency headquartered in Chicago.

The primary objective of this site visit was to acquaint our students with Leo Burnett, its unique creative processes, the diverse array of clients it serves, and offering a glimpse into the agency's vibrant working environment. Students received a comprehensive overview of the company - a global advertising force recognized for its innovative and impactful campaigns. The visit included sessions on the agency's history, core values, and their commitment to creativity as a driving force for brand success.

The various teams at agency generously shared their experiences and expertise, shedding light on the nature of their work. From strategic planning to creative execution, students gained invaluable insights into the various stages of campaign development, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in the advertising industry.

Equipped with a wealth of knowledge, students departed with a deeper appreciation for the multifaceted world of advertising. The visit not only broadened their understanding of the industry but also provided valuable networking opportunities, allowing them to connect with seasoned professionals. ​