FEBRUARY 2, 2024

THM Hosts Mr. Samir Zehil, Founder of Wydner Coaches

THM Hosts Mr. Samir Zehil, Founder of Wydner Coaches

The School of Tourism and Hotel Management at the University of Balamand hosted Mr. Samir Zehil, life coach, and founder of Wydner Coaches, who delivered a talk titled “Mental Candy Coaching for Pure Personal Growth” on the 30th of January, 2024, at the Jacobo Auditorium (THM) – Main Campus.

Mr. Zehil is an expert in coaching and negotiation, having honed his skills through specialized training at Harvard. His extensive professional background includes coaching over 204,000 people, and 2,321 firms across 41 countries. Furthermore, he has conducted an impressive 4,107 talks and seminars, showcasing his commitment to sharing knowledge and insights with diverse audiences.

During his presentation, Mr. Zehil underscored the pivotal role of life coaching in facilitating individuals to acknowledge and assess their own character traits. The talk highlighted the transformative impact that a healthy personality can have on one's overall well-being and decision-making processes, emphasizing the valuable support that life coaching can provide in this personal development journey. His coaching program provides invaluable insights for recognizing and promptly resolving individuals' core negative and positive emotions.

Mr. Zehil shared his life experiences with the students, providing them with insights into the challenges he encountered along the way. This act of sharing not only served to create a more relatable and authentic connection with the students but also aimed to inspire and motivate them by demonstrating resilience in the face of life's trials.