FEBRUARY 6, 2024

UOB Alumni Gathering in Dubai

UOB Alumni Gathering in Dubai

The Office of Alumni Relations at the University of Balamand (UOB) hosted to an Alumni Gathering in at the Tower Plaza Hotel, Dubai, on January 31, 2024. More than 50 alumni from various faculties convened for an evening full of camaraderie, networking, and engaging discussions.

The event's started with a presentation by Dr. Elias Warrak, President of the University of Balamand. Dr. Warrak delivered a comprehensive overview, shedding light on the university's latest accomplishments and ongoing projects. Emphasizing the pivotal role of alumni in the university's development, Dr. Warrak underscored the significance of their involvement in guiding current students, offering industry insights, and fostering valuable recommendations.

Dr. Salim Kanaan, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Alumni Relations, took the stage and launched the alumni committee in Dubai. Dr. Kanaan stressed its dynamic and crucial role in reflecting the image of the university. He highlighted the committee's importance in alumni involvement across various recruitment, employment, and other development services. These initiatives contribute significantly to expanding the alumni network, fostering strong alumni relations, and promoting the university.

The gathering exuded positive energy and enthusiasm as alumni connected with each other, sharing memories and experiences. Attendees proudly expressed their membership in the UOB alumni network and demonstrated their unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact in various professional fields.

“What better way to kick off the new year than connecting with Alumni living and working in the UAE. Our alumni represent a valuable resource for the university, bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to guide current and future students on their journey to success in the real world...” said alumnae Mariam Ghanem.

Diana Skaff, a proud UOB alumna, stated, “I had a wonderful time at the UOB alumni gathering! The atmosphere was positively charged and optimistic. Connecting with such a highly educated and functional diaspora was truly great. As a UOB alumna, I am proud to be part of this network of excellence.”

Tarek El Mourad, another UOB graduate, commented, “The event was a delightful blend of familiar faces and new connections, all radiating positive energy. Being part of such a dynamic and committed UOB Alumni community here in Dubai is truly invigorating.”

The University of Balamand extends heartfelt gratitude to the alumni for their active participation and unwavering commitment to UOB’s ongoing progress. The event stands as a testament to the strong bond shared among UOB alumni and their dedication to fostering a supportive and thriving community.