MARCH 7, 2024

Contemporary Media Conference at UOB

Contemporary Media Conference at UOB

The University of Balamand (UOB) hosted the "Contemporary Media: Requirements, Challenges, and Future Perspectives" conference, organized in collaboration with VP Media Bureau and The Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO (LNCU), on Monday, March 4, 2024, at the Nahyan Auditorium, main campus - Koura. Held under the patronage and presence of the Minister of Information, H.E. Ziad Makary, the conference was attended by UOB President, Dr. Elias Warrak, LNCU's Secretary General, Hiba Nashabe and Director of VP Media Bureau, Hounayda El Masri.

Keynote speakers emphasized the imperative for media to adapt to technological advancements, particularly in integrating artificial intelligence into journalistic practices. Ms. Hounayda El Masri highlighted the importance of preparing journalism and media graduates to utilize AI effectively, while Ms. Nashabe stressed the societal implications of AI integration.

Dr. Warrak underscored the fundamental principles of truth, justice and human rights that must guide media practices amidst rapid technological change. He explained: “We want media that defends humanity and its rights in a time where human rights are violated with every tear shed by a child who lost their family and with every mother's grief for her loved ones and with every father's anguish over his inability to protect his children”.

H.E. Makary echoed the need for ethical and professional standards in media, urging youth to balance technological proficiency with moral integrity.

Panel discussions delved into practical aspects of AI implementation in journalism, digital safety measures for journalists, and combating misinformation and hate speech in the digital sphere.

The conference concluded with a call to action for journalists and stakeholders to collaborate in fostering media platforms that harness technological innovation while upholding ethical standards and safeguarding human rights.