MARCH 14, 2024

Water Wise Seminar organized by the University of Balamand

Water Wise Seminar organized by the University of Balamand

The Department of Community Engagement at the Faculty of Health Sciences - University of Balamand UOB, organized a seminar titled 'Water Wise Seminar' on March 5 2024, at the Hariri Auditorium – UOB Koura Campus.

In line with UOB’s environmental and social responsibilities, this seminar aimed to keep pace with water developments in Lebanon and it was conducted by Lebrelief Association in collaboration with lecturers from Lady of Louaize University and the National Council for Scientific Research, within the Governance-Water project funded by the European Union, to support water governance in Lebanon and improve water and sanitation services for all Lebanese citizens.

Five collaborating organizations are involved in this project as part of a coalition, specifically Lebrelief, Solidarites, WeWorld GVC, Action Against Hunger, and Acted International. Technical support for the project is also provided by partners such as the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS), Impact, the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), the LEWAP platform, We, and Our Lady of Louaize University (NDU).

The seminar began with a presentation by Dr. Claudette El Hajj discussing 'Water Quality and Monitoring,' followed by Dr. Ghaleb Faour's talk on 'Space-based Mapping of Water Resources.' Subsequently, Professor Hadi Abdelsattar delivered a lecture on 'Managing Flood Risks,' followed by Dr. Amin Shaaban's discussion on 'Prudent Utilization of Water Resources in Lebanon.'