MARCH 21, 2024

Dr. Myriam Mrad Represents Public Health Department at ATACH Global Meeting

Dr. Myriam Mrad Represents Public Health Department at ATACH Global Meeting

​Chairperson of the Public Health Department, Dr. Myriam Mrad, was recently invited by the World Health Organization (WHO) to participate in the Alliance for Transformative Action on Climate and Health (ATACH) Global Meeting, held in Madrid, Spain. The meeting, spanning March 4 and 5, centered around the theme “Transforming health systems in the face of climate change”. 

Building upon the health outcomes of COP26, COP27 and COP28, the meeting sought to refine and validate the priorities and strategic directions of ATACH and its working groups till the end of 2025. The aim is to support countries in advancing climate change and health implementation and strengthening collaboration and coordination for driving implementation at country level. 

Dr. Mrad, who represented Lebanon at COP28 as part of the Ministry of Public Health delegation and who is leading the Lebanese component of the GeoHealth Hub for Climate Change and Health in the MENA, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Reflecting on the meeting’s theme, Dr. Mrad emphasized the growing need for resilient healthcare facilities in Lebanon. She states: “Existing and emerging barriers, such as rising costs, transportation issues, and migration of health professionals, hinder access to healthcare services. With the onset of climate change and its consequent health effects, the need for climate resilient healthcare facilities has become greater than ever.”

The meeting was followed by a Training of Trainers in Climate Change and Health on March 6 and 7. The training focused on the implementation of the COP26 health commitments and developing the capacities of participants on WHO-supported tools and methods for building climate resilient and low carbon sustainable healthcare systems. The training included representatives of ATACH countries, WHO regional and country offices, and invited experts in climate and health. 

Dr. Mrad’s ongoing efforts underscore the UOB’s commitment to addressing the challenges engendered and exacerbated by climate change and contributing to global initiatives fostering resilient and sustainable healthcare systems.