APRIL 18, 2024

UOB Student Joudi el Homsi Wins Prize in “Dreaming Lebanon” Contest

UOB Student Joudi el Homsi Wins Prize in “Dreaming Lebanon” Contest

Joudi El Homsi, student at UOB majoring in Languages and Translation at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, was honored with the second Prize in the Short Story Writing and Photography Contest within the "Dreaming Lebanon" competition, centered around "The Hidden Gardens of Beirut." The award ceremony took place on Saturday, April 13th, at ESA Business School - Clémenceau.

This contest is part of the "Dreaming Lebanon" initiative, which is organized for the second consecutive year by Banque BEMO in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, L’Institut Français du Liban, Librairie Antoine, Assabil Association, and the Beirut Center of Photography.

This competition is designed to instill hope in young Lebanese individuals by encouraging them to delve into and reclaim the narratives and visuals of Lebanon's past and present, envisioning the Lebanon of the future. It serves as an educational initiative that promotes discovery, cross-cultural understanding, and a sense of rootedness or re-rooting among the upcoming generation, embodying the spirit of Lebanon's future.