APRIL 30, 2024

Engineering Week 2024 at UOB: Uplifting Innovation and Sustainability

Engineering Week 2024 at UOB: Uplifting Innovation and Sustainability

The Faculty of Engineering (FOE) under the University of Balamand (UOB) launched its annual Engineering Week 2024 with great enthusiasm on the 2nd of April, organizing a series of events aimed at fostering innovation, collaboration, sustainability, and technological advancement. Spanning over 3 consecutive days, the Engineering Week 2024 began with a General Assembly entitled “The Future of Engineering at UOB is Ongoing Excellence” which was presented by the esteemed Dean of FOE Professor Rami Abboud, who serves also as the Vice President for Internationalization and Engagement.

In his address to the Engineering students, Professor Abboud started by highlighting the faculty's notable accomplishments across various domains. He showcased recent appointments within the faculty, emphasizing the caliber and expertise of the newly assigned professors. Additionally, he spotlighted the innovative projects undertaken by faculty members, illustrating their creativity and practical skills. He also touched upon the acquisition of international grants, illustrating the faculty's global reach and recognition in research endeavors. Furthermore, he outlined ongoing European projects, highlighting the faculty's involvement in collaborative efforts on an international scale.

Moreover, Professor Abboud emphasized the remarkable achievements of faculty members, acknowledging their contributions to academia and beyond. Next, he stressed on numerous niche areas at FOE.

Furthermore, Professor Abboud shed light on students’ life on campus expressing gratitude for the engineering clubs organizing the event and further elaborated on ranking and accreditation as well as future directions particularly with the introduction of new MS tracks for graduate studies. Notably, he highlighted FOE's support for students through the graduate assistantship program (GAP), facilitating their studies.

Following the General Assembly, students had the opportunity to explore a diverse array of engineering disciplines showcased at the Engineering Clubs Expo. The expo featured booths representing various engineering clubs, each offering interactive demonstrations, presentations, and hands-on activities. From robotics to sustainable energy solutions, the expo provided a comprehensive overview of the innovative projects and initiatives spearheaded by UOB's engineering community.

As the day unfolded, the excitement culminated in the UOB Water Run 2024 event, symbolizing the university's commitment to sustainability and community engagement. Participants, including students and faculty members, gathered to run at the greenfield, raising awareness about water conservation and environmental stewardship. The event not only promoted physical well-being but also served as a platform to raise important social and environmental causes. Organized by Dr. Yasmine Jabali, Assistant Professor at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, the UOB Water Run event coincided with World Water Day 2024.

Professor Rami Abboud expressed his appreciation for such kind of events stating: “Engineering Week at UOB exemplified the spirit of creativity, collaboration, and social responsibility deep-rooted within the university's engineering community. Through a series of engaging seminars and activities, students will be inspired to connect their skills and knowledge to create positive change and build a more sustainable world in combining serious education with serious fun.”