MAY 9, 2024

THM Students Win Bronze Medals in HORECA 2024

THM Students Win Bronze Medals in HORECA 2024

The University of Balamand (UOB) takes great pride in commending its students from the School of Tourism and Hotel Management (THM) for their remarkable accomplishments at HORECA 2024, an annual business meeting place for the hospitality and foodservice industries. The event was held from April 16 to 19 at Beirut Seaside Arena.

Maria Wehbe, earned a bronze medal for her exceptional creation of the best cold sandwich. Similarly, Laura Maria Moufarrij and Izzat Yassine received bronze medals for their remarkable performance in the best hot and cold appetizers/mezze category.

Throughout the event, the THM team exhibited exceptional dedication where they actively pursued potential collaborations with industry partners. Additionally, they attended informative sessions to remain updated on the latest trends and developments in the hospitality and foodservice sectors.

The university applauds Maria, Laura, and Izzat for their remarkable performances, highlighting the quality education and training provided by UOB's Tourism and Hotel Management program.