APRIL 2, 2024

A Publication by Researchers from the University of Balamand

A Publication by Researchers from the University of Balamand

A publication by our very own team from the University of Balamand: Dr. Adib Kfoury (Department of Environmental Sciences), Dr. Mira Sabat (Department of mathematics) and Dr. George Mitri (Institute of the Environment), Ms. Noura Fares (UOB Graduate). Their latest work has been featured in the prestigious Journal of Hazardous Materials (Impact Factor: 13.6), marking a significant milestone in the field of environmental monitoring.

The publication unveils innovative research on asbestos-cement surface assessment, utilizing regression analysis of reflectance measurements across the visible (VIS) and near-infrared (NIR) wavelength ranges. This pioneering study not only demonstrates the team's dedication and expertise but also opens up new possibilities for large-scale environmental monitoring, setting a new standard in the pursuit of sustainable and safe environments.

Dr. Mitri reflected: "Our publication marks a milestone in collaborative environmental monitoring, offering new avenues for the use of remote sensing data in monitoring hazardous materials”. Dr. Kfoury remarked that the study offers a novel approach in signal analysis, suggesting its potential application in other research areas and its capacity to deliver accurate and valuable results. In her turn, Dr. Sabat stated: “This research introduces innovative statistical methodologies for handling outliers and incorporates regression analysis to estimate the composition of rooftops.” Ms. Fares also declared “I initiated my work on this topic during my master's degree in mathematics.”

This achievement underscores the University of Balamand's commitment to excellence and innovation in research, contributing valuable insights to the global scientific community. We congratulate Dr. Kfoury, Dr. Sabat, Dr. Mitri and Ms. Fares (UOB graduate) on their remarkable accomplishment.

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