APRIL 2, 2024

THM Hosts Mrs. Randa el Bacha, Owner and CEO of O Club

THM Hosts Mrs. Randa el Bacha, Owner and CEO of O Club

The School of Tourism and Hotel Management at the University of Balamand hosted Mrs. Randa El Bacha, owner and CEO of the O Club, who delivered a talk titled “Mentoring! How it can shape future hospitality leaders” on the 27th of March, 2024, at the Jacobo Auditorium (THM) – Main Campus in presence of Dr. Karim Rebeiz, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management.

Mrs. El Bacha, a visionary leader, established the "O Club" and is committed to fostering growth across various sectors. She focuses on nurturing talent and enhancing organizations through collaboration with respected institutions. Mrs. El Bacha's work involves mentoring, team building, coach training, and capacity building, showcasing her innovative approach to business development.

Throughout her presentation, Mrs. El Bacha delved into the critical aspects of leadership, emphasizing the pivotal role of nurturing leaders. She placed particular emphasis on the transformative power of mentorship in cultivating effective leadership qualities. Her insights emphasized the importance of investing in mentorship programs for organizational growth and success.

Mrs. El Bacha addressed the students: "Embrace mentorship early, set clear goals, and stay open to feedback. By seeking guidance from experienced professionals in the hospitality industry, you pave the way for your own success as a future leader."