About the Faculty

With a generous donation from H.E Issam Fares, the Issam Fares Faculty of Technology was founded in 2008 offering technology education programs that prepare multidisciplinary skilled and technically oriented professionals.

The faculty consists of six departments, Aircraft Maintenance, Mechatronics, Telecommunications & Networks, Civil and Construction, Agriculture and Management & Administration, that are offered in both French and English languages.

At IFFT, students are prepared to become application-oriented professionals capable of perceiving and visualizing cause-effect relationships and fundamental mechanics and phenomena.

The Faculty currently offers its programs on both campuses in Akkar and Koura Main Campus, with two programs in Souk Al Ghareb - Mechatronics and Civil and Construction.


The Issam Fares Faculty of Technology will work to be a leading multi-disciplinary technology education center at both the national and regional levels.


The Issam Fares Faculty of Technology strives to provide high quality technology education to its students, and the opportunities to its scholars to advance in the applied fields of technology in an environment that promotes excellence in learning, innovation, ethical responsibility, and concern for society.