Department of Management and Administration

The mission of this program is to prepare graduates for management, human resource, marketing and sales or administrative positions in a wide variety of business settings and organizations. It allows them to succeed in a highly competitive environment by providing them with required tools and know-how for problem solving and analytical thinking.

  • - Fundamentals of management and supervision

  • - Critical thinking

  • - Communication and teamwork

  • - Project management theory and applications

  • - Acquire analytical and problem solving skills in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing.

  • - Acquire the communication, research and technological skills to analyze a business situation (problem and/or opportunity) and prepare and present an adequate solution.

  • - Analyze and set up business strategies, practices, and theories that inform and guide organizations.

  • - Develop a marketing plan for a new or existing product or service.

  • - Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of accounting in order to ensure alignment with organizational goals and strategies.

  • - Devise a capital budgeting strategy.

  • - Devise planning and control activities to effectively produce and deliver goods and services.

The Degrees We Offer
The Department offers an English and French Track to students in Management and Administration, and they are available at two campuses of the University of Balamand: Main Campus at Koura and Akkar Campus at Beino.

Bachelor in Management and Administration Bacc + 3 100 Credits English/French

After Graduation
There are abundant work opportunities in different settings such as: management, accounting, finance, banks and insurance companies, expert firms-accounting, tax consulting, human resources consulting, sales and distribution, import-export in addition to public service.

Graduates can also pursue higher education degree such as an MBA or a PhD in several disciplines in Lebanon and aboard and they can choose one of the following orientations: Management and Marketing, Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour, Accounting and Audit as well as Finance and Economics.