Department of Mechatronics

Mechatronics is an emerging field of engineering that integrates and relies on the specialties electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer sciences, control engineering and information technology. It particularly revolves around the interaction between these fields.

The Department of Mechatronics combines areas of engineering to allow the design, development, and application of smart devices in an integrated cross-disciplinary manner. It focuses on offering the highly sought-after specialties in technology, essential to meet emerging needs of the market, to broaden employment opportunities for students and prepare students for success in up-to-date majors.

Program Learning Objectives
The Mechatronics program prepares students for a broad range of professional careers in mechatronics, automation, robotics, and manufacturing.

The educational objectives of the department of Mechatronics are to enable graduates to:
  • - Meet dynamic engineering and technological challenges as leaders and members of engineering and technical teams.

  • - Develop methods required for the control of applications and supervision of industrial processes and embedded systems (sensors, processors, actuators and networks).

  • - Acquire skills for the specification, realization, installation, use and maintenance of interconnected electromechanical systems.

  • - Be prepared for successful careers in the areas associated with the analysis, development, implementation, and applied design.

With a Bachelor in Mechatronics, students will acquire the following competencies:
  • - Ability to model and build mechatronic systems and implement these systems.

  • - Ability to apply technological knowledge and theories for the development of new products.

  • - Ability to design technology systems using interdisciplinary approach.

  • - Ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern mechatronics tools necessary for engineering practice.

  • - Ability to function effectively as members of multidisciplinary teams.

  • - Ability to exhibit skills for lifelong learning.

  • - Ability to Exhibit knowledge and skills consistent with the expectations of a practicing engineering technologist.

The Degrees We Offer
The Department offers an English and French Track to students in Mechatronics and they are available at all three campuses of the University of Balamand: Main Campus at Koura, at Akkar Campus (Beino), and Souk Al Gharb Campus.

Bachelor in Mechatronics  Bacc + 3 100 Credits English/French

After Graduation
Supported in several scientifically consolidated competences, the degree in Mechatronics provides its graduates with an access to a wide range of career opportunities and professional integrations such production, robotics, electrical networks, production equipment monitoring and management, technical services, machine design, packaging engineer, automation, human/machine interface, programming, control, etc. Graduates can also continue their academic career and be admitted to master’s or other schools of engineering, commerce, etc.