Department of Agriculture​

The mission of this program is to provide students with a multidimensional approach to local and regional agricultural and food industry practices based on value added products, labeling schemes, local production valorisation (terroir products) and professionally managed agricultural entrepreneurship.

This program enables young graduates to succeed in a highly competitive environment by providing them with required tools and know-how.

  • -  Provide practical and functional understanding of basic scientific and technical concepts relevant to the program

  • - Develop analytical skills relevant to agricultural practices based on broad-based agricultural knowledge

  • - Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills

  • - Develop effective leadership and management and communication skills

  • - Introduction to research activities

  • - Acquire fundamental knowledge of agricultural systems functioning and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

  • - Identify agricultural systems problems and provide relevant short, medium and long term solutions through the use of technical and computational tools

  • - Acquire a deep understanding of agricultural supply chain components and interactions

  • - Apply the concept of food hygiene and food security along the agricultural supply chain

  • - Develop communication skills through the use of different communication techniques (animations, illustrations, brain storming, etc.) in order to transfer information to non-specialists in a clear and simple manner

  • - Acquire basic accounting and economic skills to be able to manage one’s own small or medium enterprise

  • - Innovate and propose value added (high quality, labeled, terroir, etc.) products relevant to the local agricultural production

  • - Identify, design, apply an experiment then analyze the results

The Degrees We Offer
The Department offers a French Track to students in Agriculture, and it is available at two campuses of the University of Balamand: Main Campus at Koura and the Akkar Campus (Beino).

Bachelor in Agriculture Bacc + 3 100 Credits French

After Graduation
Graduates can be hired for a position of management, advising, animation, or training in the professional sector of Agriculture and Food Industry. They can be responsible for HACCP Programs, ISO certification, quality management, products innovation and standardization, as well as production management and coordination in agricultural and food industry companies; Graduates can also set up and manage their own companies of Agribusiness.
Graduates can also pursue higher education degree in master programs of Agriculture and Food Industry after following bridging courses whether in Lebanon or abroad.