Department of Telecommunications and Networks

Telecommunications have undergone a tremendous revolution over the last years, allowing the access, processing and exchange of information among people, machines, and intelligent systems. The Bachelor of Telecommunications and Networks enables students to develop and demonstrate an understanding of telecommunication theory. Graduates can plan, apply, and validate telecommunications processes in practice. It allows students to handle tasks related to both computer networks and telecommunications and to configure and test networking equipment including digital telecommunication systems and modules.

The Bachelor in Telecommunications and Networks is designed to provide graduates with a solid foundation on which they can build successful careers. Telecommunications graduates will be able to demonstrate:
  • - Good knowledge of telecommunications equipment and computer networks.

  • - Ability to design, install, operate, administer, and offer network solutions.

  • - Ability to evaluate the choices of different networks.

  • - Knowledge to specify appropriate network and telecommunications technologies for the enterprise.

  • - Knowledge to choose the right transmission media.

  • - Ability to ensure the security and reliability of the networks.

With a Bachelor in Telecommunication and Networks, students will acquire the following competencies:
  • - Ability to identify, formulate and solve Telecommunications Engineering problems.

  • - Ability to apply technological knowledge and theories for the development of new products.

  • - Ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.

  • - Ability to apply logical skills to programming in a variety of languages.

  • - Ability to function effectively as members of multidisciplinary teams.

  • - Ability to exhibit skills for lifelong learning.

  • - Ability to exhibit knowledge and skills consistent with the expectations of a practicing engineering technologist.

The Degrees We Offer
The Department offers an English and French Track to students in Telecommunications and Networks, and they are available at two campuses of the University of Balamand: Main Campus at Koura and the Akkar Campus (Beino).

Bachelor  in Telecommunications and Networks  Bacc + 3 100 Credits English/French

After Graduation
Graduates with a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications and Networks can fit into all types of industries ranging from telecom operators to companies using computers and networking services. Positions held by graduates are highlight diversified: Networks Architect, Computer Networks and Telephony Administrator, Radio Engineer, Network Security Engineer, Systems Engineer, Mobile Engineering Networks, and Project Management to name a few. Graduates can also continue their academic career and be admitted to Masters in other schools of engineering, business, etc.