About the Faculty

The Faculty of Business and Management (FOBM) was established in 1996 (Decree 9278, 05 October 1996). This decree approved the offering of undergraduate and graduate studies under three departments – Business Administration; Economics; and Tourism and Hotel Management and has grown since to offer a diversified portfolio of academic programs. FOBM has more than 450 students registered in its different programs (BBA, BBA-THM, Economics, MBA, MS Accounting and Finance, Master in Human Resource Management). Rivalry in the higher education sector, particularly for business studies, has gradually intensified due to the quasi hassle-free admittance of new providers in the market. Therefore, it is crucial to plan the future strategic moves to be executed by the Faculty in order to sustain its existing operations, plan for growth, and maintain its competitiveness and leadership in the marketplace.

In 2007, BBA students were able to opt for a choice of concentration. Four areas of concentration were made available : Accounting and Auditing, Banking and Finance, Management, and Marketing. In 2011, the Faculty launched two new programs, a Master in Human Resources Management and a Master of Science in Accounting and Finance. In 2014, the Faculty revived and relaunched it Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA). In 2015-2016, the Faculty launched a BBA program at another location in Lebanon, Souk el Gharb. More recently in 2017, concentrations were made available to the MBA program to include standard concentration areas as well as some unique ones such as Healthcare Management and Air Transport Management. Also in 2017, the Economics Department conducted a curriculum reform, resulting in a new curriculum effective AY 18-19 .
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