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Why Study Tourism & Hotel Management?
The industry of Hospitality and Tourism is filled with dynamics and continuous growth. Driven by the basic human needs for food, accommodation and traveling, the industry is immortal. Therefore, studying tourism and hotel management offers you a job security with endless opportunities.

Working in the Hospitality and Tourism industry is fun, interactive and also rewarding. It allows you to be creative and be yourself. It exposes you to variety of cultures where you have a new experience every day. Students with tourism and hospitality degree never run out of work. It is a never ending career, locally and globally.

Why Tourism and Hotel Management at UOB?
The school of Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM) at UOB offers the highest quality of hospitality education by mixing the European practical standards of culinary arts along with the Western management style of leadership.

The course of THM has been taught at UOB since 1998. The program equips you with vital skills in leadership, teamwork and guest satisfaction. The program also trains students on improving their interpersonal skills and attention to details.

Being a THM graduate from UOB, you will be part of a larger network of UOB alumni and staff who will be happy to support you in your business ideas and career endeavours.

What will you Study?
The THM program at UOB combines theory and practice to ensure that you are sufficiently equipped with the correct skills and knowledge to quickly fit with the market needs.

The program focuses on developing the students’ critical thinking, analytical, communication, intercultural and entrepreneurial skills, all of which are necessary in the domain of tourism and hospitality. The program also includes an internship program which exposes students to a real-life experience in THM leading organisations.

Career Prospects

Getting a qualification in hospitality and tourism can take you in many different directions. This is because career options in hospitality cover a range of different sectors and develop a broad range of skills. Whether you want to work front-of-house involving a lot of customer interaction, as a Hotel General Manager, or back-of-house as a Cost Controller, the degree of tourism and hotel management can get you there. Thus, roles such as Hotel Manager, Event Coordinator, Wedding Planner, and Restaurant Manager are just some of the many diverse opportunities that might come your way after completing a bachelor degree of THM at UOB.

Making The Decision

Making the decision to study a hospitality degree can seem overwhelming. It is mainly driven by the mentality that everyone should either study engineering, medicine or law in order to be successful in life. However, this has proven to be incorrect and has caused a career failure to some. Therefore, it is prudent to study a course with such a market demand for professionals in hospitality and tourism in almost every country around the world.

Over the years, the degree of tourism and hospitality management at UoB is growing to be one of the most recognized hospitality degrees in the region. This is due to the following three pillars:
  • • A strong academic program with over 30 core subjects in the field of tourism and hospitality.
  • • A dedicated school campus to include food and beverages laboratories and training facilities for students.
  • • A student’s exposure to the job markets via the established connections of the school academic staff and their long experience in the tourism and hospitality field.
In the end, deciding to study hospitality should be driven by the student passion more than any other needs. With passion, the whole experience will turn into an enjoyable journey that will never ends.

Program: 92 credits

a) Courses:

Major Course Name 63 Credits Number of Credits
Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism 3
Financial Accounting for Hospitality 3
Service Operations Practical 3
Economics of Travel & Tourism 3
Kitchen Operations Practical 3
Rooms Division: Housekeeping and PMS 4
Food Safety and Nutrition 3
Internship in Food & Beverage Operations 1
Managerial Accounting for Hospitality 3
Marketing Principles For Hospitality & Tourism 3
Banquet & Catering Management 3
Internship in Rooms Division Operations 1
Principles of Finance for Hospitality 3
Human Resources for Hospitality 3
Hotel and Restaurant Simulation 3
Events Management 3
Special Topics in Hospitality Industry 3
Rooms Division: Yield Management 3
Restaurant Entrepreneurships 3
Food, Beverage & Labour Cost Control 3
Principles of Management 3
Business Law 3

b) Learning Objectives
  • • Interpret the fundamental principles of essential hospitality and tourism business functions.
  • • Demonstrate professional behavior and competencies in customer service.
  • • Develop a range of leadership skills and abilities such as motivating others, leading changes, and resolving conflict,
  • • Recognize the challenges and opportunities of working effectively with people in a diverse environment.

c) Learning Outcomes
  • • The program enrich students’ knowledge and skills in all hospitality and tourism sectors.
  • • Apply gained knowledge in taking decisions when faced with diverse situations and in a changing environment.
  • • THM program assists students in their communication skills with both specialist and non-specialist audiences in a multi-cultural environment.
  • • The program shows personal and social skills like team work, leadership, self-knowledge, autonomy, and recognize the importance of ongoing learning.
  • • Make use of their experience, senses and service culture to interact with confidence, enthusiasm, and creativity in a professional environment

d) Partnerships and affiliations THM School has entered into partnerships agreements with several local and international hospitality organisations. These partnerships provide wide exposure to our graduates aiming to boost their career path by dealing with elite hospitality organisations around the world.


The School of Hospitality and Hotel Management at UOB is fully equipped with the latest technology in equipment and machineries to provide a living experience to students. In the food and beverage lab, students are taught to be creative in the methods of presenting and cooking a variety of menus with emphasis on hygiene, cost control and nutrition. Workstations are available for students use to practice on preparation and presentation.
The front office laboratory is equipped with modern facilities for students to practice the front office skills in dealing with foreign currency, travellers’ cheque, ticketing, pickup and drop of guests, customer service and many more.
The school laboratories are also equipped with a replica hotel rooms for practice on hotel service. A separate laundry lab is also available to complement the hotel experience.
The school has also invested on a Property Management System and Hotel Simulation software license. The school has also 150 seats auditorium to host guest speakers from the industry to motivate students and keep the school up to date with the market trends.

Sustainability is one of the THM school core values.

Realizing the impact of the school food waste footprint, the school has collaborated with Dr. Yasmine Jabali and invested its efforts in the development of a BIOWAYSTE unit for the production of renewable energies.

The THM school also sources its raw material from the Issam M. Fares Faculty of Technology to support local farmers. In addition, the school grows its own organic produce adding fresher ingredients to its servings. The school is subsidizing its dish prices to cope with the inflation as an initiative to support the students.

Hospitality Student Society Club (HSSC)

The school has launched a club named The Hospitality Student Society Club which is mainly managed by the students themselves who meet on the regular basis to prepare for new events. The club creates a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every student has the opportunity to develop themselves in terms of knowledge and soft skills. The club provides a platform for students to enhance their interpersonal skills by arranging and meeting with other clubs and students in the university and elsewhere. It also opens up a network opportunity to students interacting with market suppliers and other hospitality and tourism service providers.
The club's vision is to be the first-choice for students looking to develop leadership skills through dynamic, high-value, experiential communication.