Department of Business Administration

The Department of Business Administration houses undergraduate and graduate programs. These programs expose students to the full range of hard and soft proficiencies needed to be successful in various business settings. The Department provides a fundamental education in Business Administration at the undergraduate level by offering students the choice to have a concentration in each of the following areas: Accounting and Auditing; Banking and Finance; Management; and Marketing.

The Degrees we offer
Degree Years Total Credits
BBA in Business Administration Bacc + 3 94 Credits
MSc Finance   15 Credits
MSc Accounting   15 Credits
MSc Health Care Management   15 Credits
MSc Human Resources Management   15 Credits
MSc Management   15 Credits
MSc Marketing   15 Credits

Concentration Total Credits
Accounting and Auditing 12 Credits
Banking and Finance 12 Credits
Management 12 Credits
Marketing Track 12 Credits

Minors we offer
The department also offers non-Business students the opportunity to “minor” in Business. Non-Business students must complete the following courses to obtain a minor in business: Survey of Financial and Managerial Accounting (ACCT2016), Survey of Economics (ECON201), Managerial Finance (FINE220), Principles of Management (MGMT220), and Principles of Marketing (MRKT220).

Minor Total Credits
Minor in Business 15 Credits

Program Features

The BSc in Business Administration provides a fundamental education in Business Administration at the undergraduate level by offering students the choice to have a concentration in each of the following areas: Accounting and Auditing; Banking and Finance; Management; and Marketing.

MSc in Business Administration (MBA) Program prepares students for managerial and leadership responsibilities in a rapidly changing business environment. Its mission is to create a learning environment conducive to the shaping of effective leaders and sound managers of tomorrow, ready to take on future challenges. An MBA, a well-respected credential for employment in certain situations, can accelerate the future career of graduates and their perceived market value through the increased practical business knowledge and well-rounded understanding of business issues it delivers.

MSc of Science in Accounting and Finance (MSACFI) The mission of the MSACFI program is to provide aspiring candidates with top-notch, up-to-date knowledge of relevant disciplines in Accounting and Finance and a set of professional and technical skills allowing them to solidly advance in their chosen pathway, whether that is further professional studies or employment. The MSACFI program aims at empowering students to learn how to conduct relevant research in the disciplines of Accounting and Finance and undertake a research project on a topic within the area of interest/focus. It also prepares students for entry to the Accounting and Finance or Risk Management, practices or professions, and equips students to enter doctoral studies or to pursue relevant professional certifications.

MSc of Science in Human Recourses Management (MHRM) The aim of this masters is to develop HR professionals who can consult and help organizations and businesses make more informed decisions in the area of human capital management. The MHRM program aims at equipping participants with the needed skills to increase employee productivity and commitment, the knowledge to lower labor costs, operational cost and turnover, and the ability to ability to recruit select, and place the best candidates in the best position. The program also prepares participants to lead organizational development, promote ethical behavior, and propose HRIS technology solutions while setting strategic plans, succession plans, and increase efficiency. Also, the program arms students with the legal background that guides their profession with relation to labor relations and employment law and helps them develop positive attitude in approaching problems and in dealing with change, stress, and emergencies.

Executive Masters in Business Administration (EMBA) In the new globalized knowledge-based economy and the development of new innovative markets coupled with the meteoric technical revolution, the business world is entering a new paradigm, and nothing prepares an organization and protects its investments for the future like the “development of its people”. With this in the background, smart organizations can visualize the future and its challenges ahead, and act to have their people developed and equipped with the skills necessary for such turbulent and uncertain times.

The EMBA Program becomes a crucial investment that helps candidates create a positive environment while developing a shared vision with committed followers. It allows candidates to be distinctive leaders and role models in their respective teams. It enhances their ability to build their team capabilities and mentor the “new” leaders in the organization. The EMBA will also prepare candidates to understand the context in which they operate while identifying emerging threats or opportunities. It will increase their confidence in communicating their ideas across different groups.

Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) Program, an applied Ph.D (so to speak) is the result of a cooperation between the University of Balamand, Lebanon and Université Jean Moulin-Lyon3, France. The DBA is awarded simultaneously by both universities following the defence of a dissertation presenting original research and findings. A thesis supervisor from each institution is designated to monitor the student's research.

The program aims to enhance the managerial skills of professionals and equip them with advanced tools so that they offer tangible solutions. Most notably, the program will allow professionals to execute a new Change Management tool based on the Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM). DBA graduates will also be equipped to handle consulting opportunities and possibly pursue an academic career.

After Graduation
An MBA in Air Transport Management will provide you with the knowledge and industry-grounding required to perform high-level duties within the fast-paced and time-critical world of airport operations, including employment opportunities such as: Flight Operations Manager, Chief Pilot, Maintenance Manager, Engineering and Planning Manager, Safety Manager, Security Manager, Quality Manager, Ground Handling Manager, Air Navigation Service Provider Manager, Airport Manager, Airline Station Managers, General Manager.

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This unique degree is more than a communication program. With diverse learning methodologies and state-of-the-art tools, your expressive creativity will be further complemented with effective and meaningful communication strategies to deliver the right messages to the right audiences.