A key purpose of the University of Balamand, as stated in the mission statement, is to "create and communicate knowledge". Science is at the core of human knowledge and advancement. In addition, the communication skill, the ability to interpret messages, to create messaging, to disseminate messaging, has become a necessary skill in the 21st century. Given these two imperatives, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) houses some of the most critical disciplines at the University of Balamand. The Faculty seeks to develop the skills of messaging and interpreting messages and to develop and spread scientific knowledge through excellent teaching, and high-quality research in all the disciplines housed in the Faculty.

FAS is dedicated to conducting research in all of its domains to advance new knowledge (theoretical and applied) and to create an environment that produces creative and scholarly activities. The skill development courses offered in this Faculty influence the quality of all programs at UOB and the quality of a UOB graduate. Through strategies informed by liberal and scientific thought, FAS programs equip students with transferable skills such as critical thinking, complex problem solving ability, effective communication, scientific research skills, and ethical conduct. Our graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to contribute to the development of a democratic society.