Department of Political Science and International Affairs

Our department provides students with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of politics at both the local and international levels. We analytically address politics; we also examine politics in the broader sense, which includes cooperation and conflict over access and distribution of power and resources. Our students, therefore, acquire a systematic knowledge of the nature and processes of political interaction at various levels and develop their abilities to deal with it both in study and practice.

The department adopts an interdisciplinary curriculum and also facilitates placements for training and internships with several organizations and engages students in various activities of community service. Our students also participate in many public debates, conferences, and workshops in Lebanon and abroad.

Why Political Science and International Affairs?
Political science develops your critical thinking skills and ethical reasoning. It also provides you with knowledge about current and past political events across the world. It addresses the complexity of human diversity and the essential roles that politics and culture play in the broader quest for human development. Studying political science opens up a popular series of job opportunities in both the public, private, and non-profit national, regional and international organizations.

The Degrees We Offer
BA in Political Science and International Affairs Bacc + 3 91 Credits English
MA in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Politics Bacc + 2 After BA 30 Credits English
Minor in Political Science and International Affairs - 15 Credits English

After Graduation
In the last years, our graduates have had opportunities to work and enrol in the following fields of activity: Local & National Government, Foreign Service, Media organizations, Banks, Local, Regional, and International NGOs, Regional & International Organizations like the UN and its organizations, Policy Advisors, Research Centers, and Research at an advanced level.