Cultural Studies

The new Cultural Studies Program at the University of Balamand is dynamic, challenging and relevant that reflects the vision of the University regarding its cultural role and heritage that is rooted not only in man’s material life but also in the manifestations of the human mind and its capacities for transcendent thought.

The Cultural Studies Program provides undergraduate courses in humanities and social sciences that fulfil the University of Balamand’s goal for a liberal Art’s undergraduate education, including the raising of its students’ academic standards and cultural awareness, the development of critical thinking and the advancement of knowledge.

Goals & Objectives
The primary objective of the Cultural Studies Program at the University of Balamand is to enable students, regardless of major, receive a firm grounding in the Liberal Arts.

To this end, the Cultural Studies Program is composed of a body of courses in four distinct streams that introduce students to foundational and influential texts, thinkers and ideas from a range of humanities and social sciences disciplines, cultures and historical periods in order to understand the manifestations and achievements of human thought, cultures and civilizations.

It locates students within the historical, philosophical, scientific, aesthetic and religious dimensions of cultures to see the interconnectedness and interdisciplinarity within these various fields to extend knowledge and its application beyond the boundaries of local contexts.

General Description
  • - Courses in the Cultural Studies Program are arranged in four ‘streams.’ Students are generally required to complete a total of four courses (12 credits).

  • - There is no ‘sequence’ to cultures and civilisations; students are not required to take their courses in any specified order or sequence. No course in the Program has pre-requisites.

  • - The Program is designed with flexibility in mind: courses can be added and subtracted from each stream upon the approval and recommendation.