Theatrical Studies

One of the significant activities capable of bringing the best out of a student’s performing abilities, no matter which field of study he/she is majoring in, is theatre.

Once firmly grasped, these abilities – which include the interrelation of the body, the voice, the gestures, and the ability to connect with an audience – would help a person succeed in achieving a connection with others. This connection, when established, could help send a message clearly, affect the receiver positively, and help a person interact with his/her environment.

Goals & Objectives
Theatrical Studies aim to transfer theatre techniques to students- These techniques help manage body movements as well as vocal timbres and rhythms, may also raise self-confidence to deal with people without fear or hesitation. All these skills and techniques are not necessarily limited to one field of study but are required by a mentor, a doctor and a businessman.

This program offers a special workshop for the youth in the region, as well as collaboration with national/international associations, ministries, non-governmental organisations and research centres. It also organises conferences, debates, meetings, Masterclasses, and production of plays.

Minors We Offer
The program offers students an opportunity to dedicate part of their studies to the artistic field that is wide-open in its definitions, specialisations, and creative forms.
Minor in Theatre 15 Credits