​ The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is home to many state-of-the-art research facilities and teaching laboratories. The labs are intended to consolidate and support classroom learning and research activities.

Our students have access to ten specialized laboratories, in addition to two computing facilities shared with other departments. The laboratories are attended by experienced personnel with extensive technical knowhow, and have equipment ranging from necessary tools to the more sophisticated computing and communication systems.

Our facilities ensure our students, professors and staff have access to the resources necessary for them to be effective, efficient and successful in their fields of interest.

In the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, you will have access to:
  • - Biology Labs.       
  • - Chemistry Labs.
  • - Database Lab.
  • - Editing lab
  • - Education Lab
  • - Internet Applications Lab: WEBLAB.
  • - Language Lab
  • - Mass Communication Control Room
  • - Mass Communication Studio
  • - Mathematics Lab.
  • - Mobile Lab.
  • - Networking Lab.
  • - Physics Lab.
  • - Translation Lab
  • - UNIX Lab.
  • - Video Conferencing and Computer Telephony Lab.