The Faculty of Health Sciences offers a variety of academic programs in the Health Sciences. Curricula are community-oriented and multidisciplinary, to equip graduates with the professional literacy, competencies, teamwork, and skills needed to meet challenges in the dynamic work environment of today's health sector.

Undergraduate degree programs lead to a Bachelor of Science degree within a minimum of a three-year framework. Graduate degree programs lead to a Master of Science degree or a Master of Public Health degree.

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers 2 minor degrees:

Minor in Nutritional Sciences
The Minor in Nutritional Sciences provides students with a foundation of knowledge in nutritional sciences, food systems, and health of the population during different life stages. It will expose students to food and nutrition practices and policies that affect sustainable diets and long term health.
The Minor is offered to students in various disciplines, except Nutritional Sciences, who wish to complement their undergraduate studies with a concentration in the area of nutrition and food science. Holding a Minor in Nutritional Sciences does not entitle the individual to work as a nutritionist or a dietitian.
The Minor in Nutritional Sciences consists of a minimum of 15 credits. Some students may require pre- requisites which will not count towards the minor requirements.
Some courses are offered only in the fall or spring semester as per the regular University offerings.
For more information please refer to Ms. Hiba Rouaiheb:

Minor in Public Health
Students from all degree backgrounds are eligible to take a minor in Public Health. This consists of 15 credits of courses in that specialty; students from non-science backgrounds may need to take prerequisites as well. These courses would need to have the specialty code (for example PDHP-coded courses for a minor in Public Health) and should not be part of the University-required courses, except for FHSC 269 (Healthcare Management and Administration) and FHSC 284 (Project Planning and Evaluation). Students should consult with the Chairperson.
A Minor in Public Health allows students to become informed and proactive in:
  • - Population wide social and health concerns
  • - The needs of vulnerable populations
  • - Disease prevention
  • - Community development
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