Student Groups

Student Activities and Co-Curricular Programs
The FHS offers a Co-Curricular Program, the CPO, in collaboration with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). The CPO fosters interpersonal and professional growth of FHS students on the Dekwaneh, Kurah, and Souk El Gharb campuses by engaging them in activities on and off campus - designed to promote an active and enjoyable university experience, and build good citizenship, leadership, problem solving, conflict resolution, organization, communication, and teamwork skills. This is done through facilitating the operations of clubs and societies, student employment, athletics, and counseling services.

Through the actions of the Academic Programs, the Department of Community Engagement, and the CPO, the FHS develops networks and partnerships with international, regional, governmental, and non-governmental organizations, and contributes to University efforts to expand community outreach and build bridges between the University and society. This furthermore enhances the FHS students’ chances of finding professional employment by participating in the various events and activities of the CPO, building new connections, and developing professional experience in a positive and recreational environment.

The Faculty values its ongoing contact with its students and alumni, which it maintains through its website, social media links and periodic gatherings. It also engages its graduates in ongoing health training and community interventions.

Nursing Department Club

Nursing Students Society (NSS)
The Nursing Students Society (NSS) is present on three campuses the Main Campus (Al Kurah), Dekwaneh Campus (Beirut), and Souk El Gharb Campus (Aley).

The aim of the NSS is to promote extra-curricular activities related to health promotion, disease prevention, and the fostering of social wellbeing. It provides services in the community through health awareness, leadership, mentorship, and volunteering services.

The NSS supports different charities and donates to organizations with the help of the Nursing Program faculty and alumni.

The NSS suspended its activities during the Corona pandemic and total lockdowns since February 2020.

At the beginning of the academic year 2020-2021, different activities were performed on social media, specifically on Instagram, such as:

  • • Nurses Got Talent
  • • Autism Awareness webinar on the World Autism Awareness Day, where the president of the Lebanese Autism Society (LAS) presented about the Association and their different activities followed by a Q & A interactive session
  • • Mother’s Day IGTV, where faculty and students made wishes to their mothers
  • • Nurses’ Month IGTV, where interviews were done with student nurses, preceptors, and random people from the public about the Nursing profession and the Nurses’ Vital Role in Health Care

Nutritional Sciences Department Club

The Nutri-Club offers the opportunity for future nutritionists and dietitians to organize, plan, prepare, and execute nutrition related activities and games, aiming to increase Nutrition Knowledge among FHS students. Successful activities throughout the years attested on the importance of the Nutri Club as part of the FHS clubs.

As for social media, a key advantage is that it allows students to connect from home, different campuses, and work-study programs. Nutrition and healthy eating tips, recipes, articles, and more are shared continuously on a regular basis on Facebook and Instagram groups.

Public Health Department Clubs

Students are encouraged to join the many social and professional activities organized by the Department of Public Health. These include research seminars, workshops, field trips, volunteer work, and community interventions. In addition to these, the Public Health clubs on the different campuses are involved in various activities related to public health:

Healthy Minds Club – Main Campus (Al Kurah)
The Healthy Minds Club aims at changing people’s perception of life in order to maintain a healthy and satisfactory state. Its goal is to contribute to the campus life as a whole through informing, educating, and promoting health. The Club organizes activities to help scholars protect themselves from diseases and infections. The aim of the club is achieved through a wide variety of activities and Faculty events that engage all members of the University community regardless of their background.

4-Development Club (4D Club) - Dekwaneh Campus (Beirut)
The 4D Club is a club that aims at promoting awareness for healthier development in its various dimensions - environmental, health, and social. Its goal is to communicate public health messages that encourage well-being and healthier lifestyles. The aim of the club is achieved through a wide variety of activities and Faculty events that engage all members of the University community regardless of their background.

Health Positive Club – Souk El Gharb Campus (Aley)
The Health Positive Club aims at advocating for the main 3 P's: Promotion, Prevention, and Protection. The club does this through a set of fun and educational activities that take place every semester. The Club’s mission is to spread awareness about health related issues, promote public health on campus, engage in teamwork activities to promote healthier lifestyles, allow members to practice and spread the 3 P’s, enhance the skills of its members; improve teamwork-building capacities; and maintain a quality assessment of the club.

Groups or Clubs
At the Main Campus: Medical Laboratory Community (MLC)

At the Dekwaneh Campus: Medical Laboratory Sciences Society (MLSS)

At the Dekwaneh Campus: Helping Hands