Programs of Research

Currently, the scope of research at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Balamand is four-fold:
  • - Clinical Research
  • - Public Health and Health Systems Research
  • - Nutritional Sciences Research
  • - Basic Science and Translational Research

Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS)

The research interests of the MLS faculty members cover topics related to:
  1. Infectious diseases
  2. Molecular biology
  3. Molecular epidemiology
  4. H-Pylori
  5. IBD
  6. Infectious toxoplasmosis
  7. Cardiovascular diseases
  8. Metformin
  9. Cancer cells
  10. Health Risk Behavior etc.
Nursing Program
The research interests of the Nursing faculty members cover topics related to:
  1. Neonatal, Maternal, and Child Health
  2. Psychosocial Determinants of Health
  3. Inter-Professional and Nursing Education
  4. Women’s Health, Sexual health
  5. Palliative care and Gerontology
  6. Community Health and Ethics
  7. Leadership and education

Department of Nutritional Sciences
The  department's programs of research focus on :
  1. Food allergy and nutrition education
  2. Dairy Science and food safety
  3. Childhood obesity
Department of Public Health
The Department’s research focuses on:
  1. Epidemiology & Community Health
  2. Environmental Pollution, Occupational Exposure, and Health Effects
  3. Global Health and Health Systems