Research Projects

List of on-going projects - April 21

# Name Department/Program
1 Community Mobilizers Department of Community Engagement
2 Covid-19 and Promoting Mental Health of Health Workers in Public Hospitals Department of Community Engagement
3 Covid-19 and the Syndicate of Social Workers Department of Community Engagement
4 Covid-19 in the Disabled People Organizations Department of Community Engagement
5 Covid-19 in the Water Establishments in Lebanon Department of Community Engagement
6 Covid-19 Vaccine Department of Community Engagement
7 Covid-19, Municipalities, and Youth Involvement Department of Community Engagement
8 Engaging Men Department of Community Engagement
9 EORE 2020 Department of Community Engagement
10 EORE 2021 Department of Community Engagement
11 Help-Age   Department of Community Engagement
12 HUMAN Rights Project (Dealing with The Past: Memory for the future) (Shedding Light on the Right to Truth and those Forcibly Disappeared) Department of Community Engagement
13 MAGENTA Formative Research Department of Community Engagement
14 MIYAHOUCOM Department of Community Engagement
15 MVA 2021 Department of Community Engagement
16 The MOPH call Center (1214 + 1787) Department of Community Engagement
17 Dyad Engagement in Heart Failure Self-Care. URB funding, AUB. Angela Massouh (PI). Dean Huijer
18 Expanding Capacity Building in Non-Communicable Diseases: The Scholars in HeAlth Research Program (SHARP) at the American University in Beirut. D43 Grant renewal funded by NIH 2020-2025. Ghada El-Hajj Fuleihan (PI). Dean Huijer
19 Implicit rationing of nursing care among Lebanese patients (RATIONAL) – A longitudinal study on the variations, trends, predictors, and outcomes of rationed nursing care’ .  Suzanne Dhaini, PI; MPP funding, AUB.  Suzanne Dhaini (PI). Dean Huijer
20 Palliative Care in Older Adults in Lebanon. Funded by Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS). Dean Huijer
21 Pediatric Chronic Pain; Survey for Healthcare Professionals working in Lebanon. Jessica Finianos (PI). Dean Huijer
22 Primary Caregivers’ Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs toward Palliative Care for Children with Cancer. Rima Saad (PI). Dean Huijer
23 Type 1 Diabetes in Emerging Adults in Lebanon: A Mixed Methods Study. Amani Bayrakdar (PI) Dean Huijer
24 Colonization of carbapenemases, extended spectrum beta-lactamases producing bacteria and colistin resistant bacteria from hospitalized patients Medical Laboratory Sciences
25 Deciphering the cross-talk between the microbiome and the intestinal epithelial cells in IBD Lebanese patients Medical Laboratory Sciences
26 Exploring the adding sugar behaviour to beverages and to milk in particular: qualitative approach (under preparation for publication) Medical Laboratory Sciences
27 Hayati project: Vaccination Centre Medical Laboratory Sciences
28 Hayati project:PCR lab kurah campus Medical Laboratory Sciences
29 Identification and characterization of bacteria in human breastmilk and their transfer to the newborn’s Gastro-Intestinal tract. Medical Laboratory Sciences
30 Identification of Pathogens in Diarrheal Stool samples via Multiplex PCR Panels for Prevailing Gastroenteritis microbial Agents and Improving Etiological Diagnosis Medical Laboratory Sciences
31 Immunomodulatory and Therapeutic Effect of Gentian Violet in a Murine Model of Leishmania Major Infection Medical Laboratory Sciences
32 Plasmodium berghei Subtilisin-2 in the parasite journey in the mosquito. Collaboration with Dr. Jean-Christophe Barale, Pasteur Institute. (by end 3023) Medical Laboratory Sciences
33 Quantification of predominant bacterial groups from stool samples of IBS patients and healthy controls using real-time PCR. Medical Laboratory Sciences
34 Role of RPS3 in immunomodulating colorectal cancer using an in vitro model Medical Laboratory Sciences
35 Role of TH2 inflammation in immunomodulating atherosclerosis in a mouse model of asthma Medical Laboratory Sciences
36 Susceptibility profile of carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae to Ceftazidime Avibactam and their mechanism of resistance in Lebanon Medical Laboratory Sciences
37 The impact of metformin, a well-known antidiabetic drug on inflammatory processes (such as ROS production) of immune cells especially macrophages Medical Laboratory Sciences
38 Toxoplasma gondii DegP virulence Factor in the regulation of the innate immunity. Collaboration with Dr. Hiba ElHajj, AUB. (by the end of 2022) Medical Laboratory Sciences
39 Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour to Investigate the Predictors of Adding Sugar Behaviour among Mothers of Lebanese Children in Public Schools (under preparation for publication) Medical Laboratory Sciences
40 Ozone therapy as adjuvant treatment, control, and prevention for COVID-19 infection: A Systematic Review Medical Laboratory Sciences & Nursing
41 Predictors of the intake of sugar sweetened beverages and water among high school students in Lebanese Public schools Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour Medical Laboratory Sciences & Nursing
42 Determinants of Emotional Exhaustion in Lebanese Nurses COVID-19 Frontliners Using the Normalization Process Theory Nursing
43 Elements that Reflect a Community of Inquiry in the Design of Emergency Online Learning: An activity theory perspective in higher education Nursing
44 Health Care Providers and School Age Children Perception of Physical, Psychosocial, and Emotional Needs during Hospitalization in Middle Eastern countries: Importance and Fulfillment Nursing
45 Identification of resistant bacteria in human breastmilk and their transfer to the newborn’s Gastro-Intestinal tract Nursing
46 Infertility, Stress and sexual Functioning  Nursing
47 MECC Nursing
48 Nurses’ attitude towards sexual health assessment Nursing
49 Perceived Stress Among Nursing Students in a Clinical Learning Environment during COVID-19 pandemic Nursing
50 Reluctance to preventive measure for COVID-19 Nursing
51 The Health of Lebanese Nurses” through the Order of Nurses in Lebanon in collaboration with UOB, AUB, USJ and LAU. Nursing
52 Vaccination project UOBVAX Nursing
53 Allergic consumers and food labeling: a survey regarding their attitudes and risks associated with packaged foods. Nutritional Sciences
54 Antibiotics residues in dairy products: CNRS funded project: 2018-2021, in collaboration with Dairy khoury, Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute, LAU and LU. Nutritional Sciences
55 Biogenic amines in dairy products: UOB funded project: 2020-2022, in collaboration with LAU. Nutritional Sciences
56 Examining faculty perception of their readiness to teach online, in collaboration with Guenia Zgheib (FAS) and Roula Al Daia (FOBM). Nutritional Sciences
57 Impact of service attributes on customer satisfaction- Evidence from a Lebanese Hospital Nutritional Sciences
58 Knowledge Attitude and Practices of mothers regarding infant feeding in Lebanon. Nutritional Sciences
59 Lebanese farmers’ knowledge and attitudes towards the use of antibiotics in cattle Nutritional Sciences
60 Lebanese vets’ knowledge and attitudes towards the use of antibiotics in cattle Nutritional Sciences
61 Prevalence of Food allergy in Lebanese school children, in collaboration with Dr. Carla Irani (Hotel-Dieu de France). Nutritional Sciences
62 Prevalence of IBS among university students using Rome IV criteria. Nutritional Sciences
63 Survey of Lebanese and Syrian consumption patterns and purchasing behavior of red meat during COVID-19 pandemic. Nutritional Sciences
64 Understanding the Association between Nutrition Knowledge and Dietary Habits among athletes: Findings from a Middle Eastern Higher Education Institution. Nutritional Sciences
65 Air Pollution and Health Effects in the Eastern Mediterranean Region EMR. Public Health
66 Beirut Air Pollution and Health Effects- BAPHE Study Phase II- Initially f unded by Agence Universitaire Francophone AUF and USJ Research Council. Public Health
67 Environmental Exposure in Lebanese Infants: birth cohort / EELI Study- Funded by the WHO and UOB Research Council. Public Health
68 Health Effects of Lebanese Schools Indoor Environments- HELSIE Study- Funded by USJ Research Council. Public Health
69 Knowledge and attitude of medical students in Lebanon on breastfeeding during the COVID-19 pandemic. Public Health
70 Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices amongst university students in Lebanon. Public Health
71 Mental health of teachers during COVID-19. Public Health
72 Prevalence of hypertension and osteoporosis in the Lebanese population, a pilot study. Public Health
73 Parental perceptions and childhood obesity: Case of North Lebanon. Public Health & Nutritional Sciences