The Faculty of Health Sciences offers a variety of academic programs in the Health Sciences. Curricula are community-oriented and multidisciplinary, to equip graduates with the professional literacy, competencies, teamwork, and skills needed to meet challenges in the dynamic work environment of today's health sector.

Undergraduate degree programs lead to a Bachelor of Science degree within a minimum of a three-year framework. Graduate degree programs lead to a Master of Science degree or a Master of Public Health degree.

Pre-Medical Track

The Pre-Medical Tracks at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) provide unique opportunities that allow interested and capable students to graduate with a BS degree in a health sciences major, in addition to completion of the pre-medical requirements needed for application to medical school. Students considering admission into medical schools can complete their pre-medical requirements in around three years, through the following majors:
  • - Health Promotion
  • - Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • - Nursing
  • - Nutritional Sciences
  • - Public Health and Development Sciences

The FHS Pre-Medical Tracks offer students pursuing admission into medical education (at the University of Balamand or similarly modeled programs at other universities) the advantage of multidisciplinary education. They provide a strong academic foundation, and rigorous preparation for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) by allowing students to fulfill the premedical requirements that consist of courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

Throughout these tracks, while completing pre-medical requirements, students will acquire pertinent knowledge, develop problem solving and analytical skills, engage in critical thinking, gain leadership experience, and participate in volunteer and community activities. The tracks prepare students for the MCAT exam by: Providing a strong and competitive academic foundation; Organizing training and practice sessions; and Conducting exam trials.

The Pre-Medical Tracks can be pursued at FHS either on the Main Campus of the University (Al Kurah), or the Dekwaneh Campus (Beirut), or the Souk El Gharb Campus (Aley).

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
The MCAT is a standardized, multiple choice examination designed to assess the examinee's problem solving, critical thinking, writing skills, and knowledge of science concepts and principles prerequisite to the study of medicine.
(For details, please check the website of the Association of American Medical Colleges:

Students must have a strong academic record and meet University admission criteria in:
  • - SAT
  • - Secondary school grades
  • - Class rank
Interested students are invited to contact us and visit the Faculty to discuss further.