Disaster Management and Crisis Response​

​Location: The classes will be offered online through WebEx.
Term: Summer Semester AY22/23
Department: Public Health Department​
Credits: 1 credit
Dates: Mon 07/17/2023 - Fri 07/21/2023
Class Times: M Tu W Th F, 5:00 - 8:00pm
Course Instructor: Speakers from Lebanese Army, DRM, Ministry of Public Health, Lebanese Red Cross, World Vision, Khaddet Beirut, and private hospitals.
Contact: Dr. Habbouba Aoun; email: habbouba.aoun@balamand.edu.lb
Prerequisite: NA

DescriptionHuman-made disasters; natural disasters; infectious diseases; systems, infrastructure, and technology failures; are introducing various challenges and negatively impacting people’s lives throughout the world. 

This course helps students learn about the different stages in emergency response, the organizations that deal with emergency response, the role of emergency responders, the need for capacity building, and the role of officials in dealing with such crises. 

The importance and the different elements of crisis management and response will be discussed through different projects, discussions, and lectures. 

Participants will be exposed to the needed skills that help in devising new solutions to different crises by combining different elements of routine response.​